Sam Hunt at The Horseshoe Tavern

Under the better late than never category… I give you my thoughts on the Sam Hunt show presented by Country Voice.

I arrived late, halfway through the set. I didn’t feel like it was fair to try and push my way up to the front of the crowd who’d been waiting outside so they could get up close and personal. I pulled out my camera only to find the “No Card” message. My first thought, ahh… should have check that. Second thought, so be it. I took a shot with my iPhone from the back and settled in to enjoy the music.

Sam Hunt at The Horseshoe Tavern Toronto

There were some familiar faces in the crowd, that didn’t surprise me. Canadian country is a pretty small world. I’d noticed CMT’s Paul McGuire by the front door when I came in. Always nice to see Paul. I was also lucky enough to run into a very familiar face from Boots & Hearts, Special Events and Communications Coordinator, Justine Creagmile. Justine mentioned she was surprised to see me standing in the back, she’s used to seeing me up front shooting away. I shared the story of the SD card and she was kind enough to offer up her photos from the front. Thanks Justine! She’s picked up a new gig at a Toronto PR company, JMC Public Relations.

Lesson learned. I’ll be carrying an extra SD card at all times and checking the camera before I head out to shows. But… sometimes, it’s just about the music.


Sam Hunt at the Horseshoe Tavern Toronto







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