The Reklaws Come to Play The Drake Undergound in Toronto

On Friday night The Reklaws played The Drake Underground on West Queen West, in Toronto. It was a relatively small crowd made up of family members, friends, a few fans and near the end, some guests from upstairs who were drawn in by the sounds of the music. The music was fun, high energy and infectious and, it had everyone up on their feet dancing, but let me take a step back.

My evening began with a big hug from Jenna Rae who seemed just as happy to see us, as we were to see her. The room was a little slow to fill up but it got there. Jenna and Stuart were in top form and were clearly thrilled to be back up on stage with the band. In case you hadn’t heard, they’d been on tour with High Valley, just the two of them, doing an all acoustic set. These guys have been very busy since Boots and Hearts. In addition to touring with High Valley they’ve been writing songs in Nashville. Friday night they played  stuff we knew, they gave us a Christmas song and they played some of the new material. I loved all of it. I’ve posted an Instagram snippet below but you should really come out and see them live.

In the middle of the set Jenna Rae looked right at us and announced that they would indeed be back at Boots and Hearts for 2015 so we can add them to the ever growing list of B&H 2015 acts. I’m so excited! Jenna also briefly mentioned they had a big move coming up. They’re heading to Nashville soon and this time it’s not just a visit. We’ll have more details about that coming up. We’ve got plans to chat before the next show and give y’all the scoop.

They’ll be back in Toronto on December 23rd at the awesomely famous Horseshoe Tavern. They’re headlining Dave Bookman’s Nu Music Nite. Free Cover! I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say, you should come see these guys in a small venue while you have the chance, they’re going places! I heard a rumour that Luke Bryan is looking at one of their songs. Just saying, you never know what can happen!

New originals. I love it! "Loaded" @thereklaws #Country #music #toronto

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PS – I really wish I’d managed to get a shot of the band under the KISS KISS sign.

Update – The Horseshoe show has been cancelled.


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