Friend of A Friend Matchmaking – Let’s Put It To The Test

If you know me, you know I’m single. I’ve been single for a while now. Okay when I say a while I mean over a year, okay closer to 18 months. While being single isn’t the worst thing one can be, sometimes it’s not the thing we hope to be. I’ve done some online dating. When I say done, I mean I’ve met some people. I’ve chatted with some people. Confession, I’ve yet to have a third date. Honestly, it pretty much sucks. What’s a person to do? Enter Friend of A Friend Matchmaking. Owned and operated by Sofi Papmarko, Friend of a Friend Matchmaking takes things out of your hands.

Let's Find Trish A Good Match For 2015

Sofi’s been successfully setting people up for years and so when she decided to open her own matchmaking business nobody was surprised. Sofi is taking her years of experience and her special something and putting it to work for the rest of us. Matchmaking is making a comeback partly because so many of us are online dating and so many of us are  feeling the yuck factor. The unsolicited messages. The bad photos. The terrible algorithms. The awful first dates. The lies. Sofi takes her matchmaking superpower and extensive list of clients and works her magic.

I’ve been a big supporter of Friend of a Friend from the beginning. I like the personal touch. I like that Sofi vets all matches and weeds out the creeps. This week I saw another post in my Facebook feed, a couple celebrating their 6 month anniversary, thanking  Sofi. I thought to myself, self, you can’t win if you don’t play.

Because it’s me, I of course didn’t just sign up. Oh no. I’m enlisting your help. So, if you a) want to see if it works and b) want me to do this follow the >>>link to my Tilt Campaign<<< and contribute. Any proceeds over and above the registration fee will be kicked in toward the first date. So… what are you waiting for, hook this girl up!

Still not convinced? Check out this awesome commercial for Friend of a Friend Matchmaking.


2 thoughts on “Friend of A Friend Matchmaking – Let’s Put It To The Test

    1. There are more women registered and I’m guessing in an attempt to balance things and encourage men to sign up, their fees are lower.

      It’s not a dating site and sometimes it takes a while to find the right match.

      I can tell you it’s not a scam. I know people personally who have met their match.

      As a man, your options are vast. Sophie takes this very seriously.


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