Coping with the Technology Overload

floating rubber ducks


Some days I wonder how I keep track. Appointments, meetings, emails, phone calls, the internet and social media. Ever start off with a simple google search only to find yourself an hour later wondering, what was I looking for? Overload. We’re all dealing with it. Somedays I wonder how I keep it together. My tips and tricks? I have reminders and alerts for everything! They pop up on my calendar and on my phone, sometimes twice.

With all that going on I’ve been wondering how to turn it off. Unplug from the hustle and the noise. Some people have a wonderful quiet place to get away, camping, the cottage. I’m not a fan of camping and I don’t have a cottage but I have found a way to shut it down. I turn off the cell phone, turn down the lights, get undressed, step into the shower and then it’s ear plugs in as I step into the tank.

Into the water I go closing the door. I settle into the tank. The quiet and stillness embrace me. I float. Deep breath. Release. The relaxing starts. I start with my hands behind my head. I try to be as still as possible. My brain starts to slow down. Still. Quiet. Floating. If I’m really still I feel nothing. No water. No movement. The time passes but I’m barely aware of it. Sometimes I think about a single thing, usually lots of things. Sometimes I think about how good it feels. The water is soft and comforting.  The perfect temperature. Sometimes I listen to my heart beating in my chest. It’s slow and steady. It’s good.

It’s so good I want to tell everyone about it. It’s so good I want to everyone to feel this good. Curious? I’d love for you to come try it. Try it and tell me about it. Try it and don’t talk about it. Try it and tell everyone about. Join me on October 25th at Float Toronto and try it. I’m running  a Tilt Canada campaign and if you float with me that day you can have a one hour session and an awesome smoothie from Bolt Fresh Bar for $40. That’s an awesome deal. Want more details? Follow the link -> TILT AT FLOAT TORONTO

Want to know more? Check out this article written the day after Float Toronto opened it’s doors.


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