Changes They Are A Comin’

I’m not generally a fan of lists, especially to-do lists. Who needs the pressure? However, sometimes we need to take stock of what’s going on and make a conscious effort for change to happen. A list can help with that process.

Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life. Now, write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

In the spirit of the exercise here we go.

  1. Dream Big
  2. Worry less
  3. Live in the moment
  4. Ask for what I want
  5. Put my needs and wants first

I’m on the plane to Nashville, listening to country music on my iphone and reading all the bios I can get my hands on. I’ve been given an all-access pass and I’m going to make the most of it. All the biggest acts are going to be there. Waivers signed, interviews booked, gear in hand, I’m ready. This will take my festival experience to the highest level. Nashville, here I come.

Taking notes, writing up questions for the artists, setting up the posts in draft, having them as “ready to go” as possible. There’s no way to know what answers I’ll get. No way to know what kind of shots I’ll end up with but getting the structure in place should cut off some “scrambling” after the show. If I’m lucky maybe I’ll get some sleep.

The goal is to get the posts up as soon as possible and get the photos out first. This is going to be a blast. I’ll sleep when it’s over. Four days, non-stop. This is it, the dream I’ve been dreaming is coming true. The sky’s the limit. I’m nervous and excited. Stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted.

Boots and Hearts sky birds


2 thoughts on “Changes They Are A Comin’

  1. Hey Trish, we spent a few days in Nashville this summer for our 20th anniversary
    Had a ball! Danced lots, sung along and shopped – check out the buy one pair get 2 pairs free for cowboy boots… Have fun, I will be thinking bout you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did hear some of the details of your trip. Gotta love free cowboy boots!
      I too have been to Nashville, went with my dragon boat team a few years back. That was a blast.

      The above entry though is an exercise in blogging and unfortunately it’s not real. It’s a “what if all those things were true” post. Hopefully some day.

      Good to hear from you and thanks for commenting!


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