Float Toronto – Sensory Deprivation Tanks Have Arrived In West Queen West

Float Toronto

I’ve been waiting. Maybe you’ve been waiting too. Sensory Deprivation tanks, the ultimate way to turn off the world. On Monday Float Toronto opened their doors in the West Queen West neighbourhood. I booked my first float for opening day and when I left I felt amazing. I was also full of questions so I sent a them a DM asking if they’d have time to do an interview. They agreed and we set up a time. I wanted to make sure you got an unbiased viewpoint so I got in touch with Joshua from thereviewsarein.com and asked him to go with me to the meeting.

I am completely sold on this and as I said tonight to Jesse from Float Toronto, I can’t imagine the rest of my life without this. I’m totally in.

I had lots of questions and Jesse had answers for us. I’m really glad they’ve set up shop so close to home. I think I’m going to be spending a lot of time there.

To see all the questions and answers visit thereviewsarein.com for the interview.

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

Side note – I think they’re doing a really good job with their social media. Quick to respond and bringing us interesting information.

They’re on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FloatToronto

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/float_toronto

Instragram: http://www.instagram.com/float_toronto


9 thoughts on “Float Toronto – Sensory Deprivation Tanks Have Arrived In West Queen West

  1. Thanks for following my blog, Trish. I have my own sensory (sort of) deprivation tank in my back yard–a small swimming pool filled from a natural hot spring. With no neighbors, under a night sky, it is an amazing experience. Today it was too hot to enter. Perhaps now that we’ve had our nightly rain, it will be cooled down enough to allow a float. With my mild claustrophobia, it’s as close to a sensory deprivation tank that I’ll ever experience. Judy

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  2. I wholeheartedly agree, I didn’t miss the floating the entire time I was in Tofino. It’s a must for me here in the city though. It’s pretty amazing and the reported health benefits are staggering.

    Thanks for the comment!


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