Boots and Hearts 2014 – Safety Tips

The following post arose from a conversation between Josh Murray and myself. We hope it helps to keep you safe.

From Thursday to Sunday this week thousands of country music fans will descend on Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville for Boots and Hearts 2014. That’s awesome. it’s also a good reason to stop for a second and think about your personal safety and security at this weekend long event and all festivals like it.

After every major festival there are stories and rumours about awful things happening. Boots and Hearts will be no different. But we really hope that we’re talking about rumours and not true stories. With this in mind, we offer you a few tips and ideas to think about going into the festival.

Boots and Hearts 2013 crowd canadian flag evening sky

Drink Smart: Look, we all know there’s going to be a lot of drinking going on this weekend, and we’re really okay with that. Just be smart about it. The days are long, so pace yourself. Drink some water and stay hydrated. Know your limit and watch out for each other. Friends don’t let friends act like idiots.

Put Away Your Keys: If you’re camping and drinking you DO NOT NEED TO BE DRIVING! This includes showing off your awesome pickup truck or revving your muscle car. Those of us who appreciate nice wheels will already think that your ride is cool. Promise. Too many people are hurt and die in drunk driving accidents already. You don’t need to contribute to that. Likewise, if you aren’t camping and want to drink, go for it – but HAVE A DESIGNATED DRIVER!

Be Nice: Booze can make some of us a little loud and aggressive. If you’re one of those people, you know it. So, keep track of how much you’ve been drinking and don’t start any nonsense. No good will come of it. We saw it happen last year and everyone just ends up looking stupid.

Sleep It Off: Whether you’re camping or going home/to a hotel, make sure you get some sleep and give yourself a chance to sober up and recharge. While pulling the occasional all-nighter might be cool, the days at Boots and Hearts are long, and trying to enjoy 4 of them in a row without the sleep you need probably isn’t the best decision.

Boots and Hearts 2013 crow
Don’t Be Alone: Drunk or sober, this is a good rule. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is a big place and it will be filled with a lot of people you don’t know. Lower the risk to your safety by using a buddy system.

Don’t Be A Dick: In the words that Wil Wheaton loves so much, we find a valuable point. Thousands of country music fans will be trying to get a good spot to see Luke and Blake. They’ll be lined up to get BBQ and Blooming Onions. They’ll be lined up to ride the Durango Mechanical Bull. And they’ll all be excited. So to  make sure that we all have a good time… don’t push, don’t rush, cut people a little slack, don’t fight and DON’T BE A DICK!

Don’t Leave Valuables In Your Tent: We wish this didn’t have to be a rule… but you just never know. And as they say, better safe than missing your good shit. Leave the nice stuff in the car, especially during the day when you aren’t on your campsite.

Be Careful: We want everyone to have their best weekend of the summer in Bowmanville at Boots and Hearts. So while you’re partying and dancing and singing along to the music, be aware of what’s going on around you and BE CAREFUL!

We can’t wait to see every single one of you at Boots and Hearts this weekend and we hope you’re as excited for the Coors Banquet kick-off party as we are. So spend the next few days getting ready, and we’ll see y’all at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park on Thursday night!

Boots and Hearts 2013 crowd

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