Chances are that you’ve already heard of Smitten Kitten, they’re in lots of stores (click here for where to buy) and they’ve received a little bit of press.

Smitten Kitten Press Page

They’ve been doing great things in the papergoods & gifts world for a while, but this week Smitten Kitten opened a store front in Liberty Village. They had a great opening day party, a party that included beer, wine, noodles, caviar and cupcakes. I had an amazing time checking out all of the cool stuff and mingling with some interesting people. I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU is a gift shop, a gallery, a design studio and a sweat shop (good, honest, local sweat) rolled into one. Located at 51 Jefferson Avenue, Unit 201, they’re one block south of King, behind Liberty Village Cafe. Monday – Friday 11-6, Saturday 12 – 6, closed Sunday.

Smitten Kitten Gallery Studio Shop Smitten Kitten Gallery Studio Shop
Smitten Kitten Gallery Studio Shop

Smitten Kitten has been around since 2006. Amy Kwong, the designer behind the brand, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and an innate ability to create and feature products that make you fall in love with them. If you’re a local artist and think your stuff fits with the feel of the shop, get in touch with Amy.

Smitten Kitten I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU

To see all of Amy’s stuff go visit her website or to see some stuff in person, go visit her store!

Smitten Kitten hand soap

These were my favourites of the night… hand soap, the perfect hostess gift.

Smitten Kitten Saucy Balloons

The most appropriate inappropriate balloons ever!

Smitten Kitten balloons I never really liked you Smitten Kitten balloons I think we should see other people

Smitten Kitten Tip & Strip Pens

You know you want them!

Smitten Kitten toy boarders

Toy soldiers too violent for you? The peace loving alternative… toy boarders.

Smitten Kitten can opener

I’ll be buying a bunch of these. They’ll be mighty handy in the zombie apocalypse… I mean if there’s a power failure or something.

Smitten Kitten travel tags

So your bags stand out on the baggage carousel.

Smitten Kitten cracked rob ford plates

Cracked Rob Ford dishware… the best.

Thanks to Joshua Murray for the instagram photos!

I didn’t take any shots of the greeting cards and I’m sorry I didn’t. These are the kind of cards that say what you’re really thinking. You know when you go to the card store and flip through 100 cards and none of them really say what you want to say. That doesn’t happen here.

Smitten Kitten greeting cards

PS… that Santa, he lives at the studio –http://instagram.com/p/omnWBZoTtz/

Smitten Kitten - neon I have a crush on you

I love this place and Amy, of course. A retail place where you can find unique and limited edition pieces. Where you can find just what your looking for, even if that thing you’re looking for, is a little bit odd. Best of lucky to Amy!

Smitten Kitten Logo


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