Marshall Dane’s Alcohol Abuse – Video Release Party

Now there’s a title that should get some search traffic. As I started typing Marshall’s name into the Google search window, that’s what autopopulated. Good job guys, good job.

CNE 2013 Marshall Dane

I first saw Marshall last year at Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition. He was a last minute stop for me at the prompting of a fellow photographer. I was glad I stopped by. He certainly looks good on camera. But this is about the music… hot off of Boots and Hearts last year I was looking for all the country music I could get my hands on and Marshall Dane‘s sound is very country. Lots of fiddle and lyrics about leaving, staying, girls and drinking. I’ve heard people compare him to Garth Brooks and Deirks Bentley. He’s been nominated in multiple categories for the Ontario Country Music Awards and with his latest release, Alcohol Abuse he’s pulling out all the stops. Written by Kim Williams and Grammy nominee Billy Yates he’s not taking any chances. The song is good and the video, shot at The Dirty Dog Saloon,  looks fun. 

CNE 2013 Marshall Dane

Marshall will be playing a video release party at The Dirty Dog Saloon tonight. You can get your tickets here.

Want to help this song? Let your local radio station know that you want to hear it. Currently sitting at #2 on the Pop Country Music charts, let’s make it #1.

The Marshall Dane camp is all over the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud. Check them out.

UPDATE – Here’s the official release of Alcohol Abuse. Love the mustache!



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