New CD Release – YARDSTYLE – Big Sugar

This Tuesday’s releases brought us something new from Big Sugar. Big Sugar have been around for a while and this album has something for everyone. What’s new? They’ve gone acoustic and it’s fantastic. It’s a slow, chill and stripped down. It was exactly what I needed this past Friday afternoon.

Big Sugar CD Release YARDSTYLE 2014

I’ve been a fan since 1996’s Diggin’ a Hole from the Hemi-Vision album and I was looking forward to hearing how these guys sounded stripped down. Known for their big rock sound mixed with a reggae beat, I wondered how it would work? To answer that question… it worked, very well. I like the quiet, simplifed sound. The music is still full and rich and layered. The vocals are intoxicating.

The band have been together a long time. Founded in Toronto in 1988 but having taken a break between 2004 and 2010. They’re back and they’ll be playing some Canadian shows to support this release. Want to know about dates –  check out their website.

Curious? You can have a listen. They’re  streaming on Exclaim!

Next date… CD release party is on April 25th at Glenn Gould Theatre. You can get your tickets through Ticketmaster.

My favourite track from this release has to be Turn The Lights On

Go listen to it!


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