Secret Broadcast – Filthy Souls Review

I’ve just finished my first listen of “Filthy Souls”, by Toronto based band Secret Broadcast. Originally based out of Calgary the band now calls Toronto home. The band, which is made up of lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Matt Lightstone, drummer Keith Heppler and bass player and vocalist Curtis Harding have a definitive guitar based rock sound.

Secret Broadcast Filthy Souls eOne artist

The album was produced by Adam Kasper and if that name is familiar to you it’s because he’s also produced Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Recorded in Seattle at Robert Lang Studios, this album doesn’t sound like any of the bands mentioned above, they sound like Secret Broadcast. I really like it.

“More Than Friends” is the lead single and it’s good. I love the way the lyrics and guitar mesh. I can easily imagine hearing this on the radio and expect to, soon. However, the first song that really caught my attention was “Mad as a Hatter” and by the time it played for the second time, it already felt familiar. As a matter of fact, this song was how I knew the album had finished and started over.


I loved the guitar riffs on “Knocking On My Door” and I found the chorus on “Youth” to be very catchy, in the best way. Not everything on this album is fast and hard driving, “Stardust” slows things down and it makes me think of yearning. “Another Like You”, while I wouldn’t call it a ballad falls into the “slower” category. The lyrics on this track really spoke to me and I’m sure I won’t be the only one who will feel this way.

Secret Broadcast Filthy Souls eOne artist

My final thoughts… I liked the album and will be watching this band. You can check them out online, they’re on twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud and of course, iTunes. Their CD release party is this Saturday at The Rivioli and tickets are on sale now!


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