Boots and Hearts 2014 Lineup Predictions – Thursday

It’s the first day of spring (YAY SPRING!) and I’m already thinking about August! I can’t help it. I had so much fun last year at Boots and Hearts that a good piece of my brain is always thinking about the upcoming festival. Boots and Hearts While there haven’t been any new announcements I’ve started putting together my Boots and Hearts 2014 YouTube playlist. I haven’t done this alone though, oh no! I’ve enlisted the aid of my fellow festival goer Joshua Murray. He’s been doing pretty well with his artist predictions for this year.  So here we go! Josh – my gut says 1) a small opener that isn’t announced yet 2) Tyler Farr 3) The Road Hammers. I’m going with The Lovelocks (I don’t even know if they’ve applied) in the opening spot. They’re local (Toronto), they’re ladies (B&H could use some ladies on the bill) and they’re doing country right. In this spot last year were The Stone Sparrows and they did a great job warming up the crowd. If you want to know more about The Stone Sparrows check them out on Facebook & Twitter. Tyler Farr has been all over country radio since his single Redneck Crazy dropped in February of 2013.  His third single seemed to resonate with the country music listeners with it’s very catchy chorus. I like him and I’m looking forward to this set. Closing out opening night we’re betting on The Road Hammers. They’re a Canadian group composed of Jason McCoyClayton Bellamy and Chris Byrne. Founded in 2004 by Jason McCoy as a side project, they’ve been around for a while and they have a bunch of great songs for us to sing along with. Here’s the beginning of my 2014 Boots and Hearts YouTube playlist. Ten songs to get us started. Watch this space for upcoming additions. Is there someone not on the list that you’d like to see? Leave a comment and I’ll add them to the playlist. Click here visit the Official Boots and Hearts Website.


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