Whitney Rose Back at the Cameron House

Say what you want about Facebook some days it’s the best tool I have to keep me in the loop. I wish I had more time to keep track of, oh I don’t know, everything! I always manage to keep an eye on my social media feed and Facebook is a big part of that. Today this popped up.

Whitney Rose at The Cameron House February 15, 2014  Facebook PostI met Whitney Rose last year at Boots and Hearts. In an odd twist, she’d also played Toronto Botanical Garden‘s Summer Music Series, the day before. I should have met her that day but I’d already left for Boots and Hearts. I’m glad we met. In addition to being an amazing singer she was sweet and gracious. I watched her set, bought her CD (on Cameron House Records) and took lots of photos. I love the classic country sound and I love the way Whitney presents on stage. It had been a while since I’d seen her and the last time she was playing the Cameron House I’d tried to get out, but one thing or another kept getting in the way. Not this time.

Whitney Rose Ferraro band cameron house wider shot 1000-7606

Next, find someone to go with me. Enter a text from my good friend Dallas Price. She was looking for company later in the evening. She invited me along to see Jeff Eager perform at Fionn on The Esplanade. Jeff had invited Dallas to join him on stage for a couple of numbers. The universe was aligning. Whitney’s set was early, we could easily do both! Dallas agreed, picked me up and off we went.

We arrived at The Cameron House in plenty of time for the early set. We grabbed a table and a couple of drinks. While the band did some setup, I pulled out the camera and did a couple of test shots. Tonight Whitney was playing with Matthew Bailey, Cosmo Ferraro, Gianni Ferraro and Tally Ferraro. They were fresh off their gig together at the Horseshoe, Valentine’s Day and they sounded tight. A great line up of songs including stuff from Whitney’s self-titled album, some new stuff and a mix of cool covers including an Andy Kim and a Dolly Parton number. We also got to hear Tally sing a fun cover of Dion’s Runaround Sue. Check out Ferraro on their website.

Looking at her schedule she’s got a few Ontario dates coming up, Guelph, Waterloo and Kingston next week and then she’s off to Western Canada supporting The Mavericks. Dates and details are available on her website.

Whitney Rose Ferraro Band Cameron House


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