The #LoveAHeart Bachelorettes


My Shananigans

What are you doing on Thursday February 13, 2014? Are you coming to #LoveAHeart for The Heart & Stroke Foundation? Because you should be! I’m SO incredibly proud of the bachelors & bachelorettes we’ve brought together for this year’s event we’ve got reporters, actors, karaoke superstars, ad agency superstars and SO MUCH MORE! Let’s talk about the bachelorettes for a second though.

@laurenonizzle looking HAWT for the 2013 Movember calendar. @laurenonizzle looking HAWT for the 2013 Movember calendar.

Lauren O’Neil better known online as Lauren O’Nizzle is a CBC Reporter, a blogger and gal about town. This beautiful lady loves the internet, cats, and memes so she’s basically queen of the interwebs scoring a date with her would probably increase your Klout score by like, 3 maybe 4 points.

@warnera93 looking wild in leopard. @warnera93 looking wild in leopard.

Alyscia Warner is the host of Rogers TV’s coverage of the Mississauga Steelheads She has a passion for hockey that’s rivals that of…

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