Floral Weddings Trends for 2014 via Sweetpea’s

Fresh off the WedLuxe Magazine show, I asked eco-friendly florist Sweetpea’s what the hot trends for 2014 will be. Here’s their response.

Sweetpea's Florist
via https://www.facebook.com/sweetpeablooms

We are seeing a push away from the “mason jar” look and more towards mercury glass, which still offers the vintage look everyone is going for, but with more shimmer and a touch of elegance.

Gold is coming back hard and fast. It seemed like white and silver has dominated for the past few years, but the move towards glamour and sparkle has really hit the higher end brides.

mercury glass wedding floral

Vintage continues to be hot for those looking to be careful with their budgets. The key is to find unique items and “vessels”, rather than the standard Mason Jars, which swept through the wedding market the past few years.

Of course, they are still a great alternative for brides looking to create a softer look, but it is no longer as unique a concept as it once was. If you do decide to go that route, we are encouraging brides to avoid the coloured mason jars that have recently come available, unless they truly are the original Ball jars with the classic blue tint. We find the brides that chose to customize their jars with layering of ribbon and lace are turning their standard jars into something special, personalized to their overall theme. We do caution brides who are painting their jars to be cautious that the type of paint, and the application, can take the wear and tear of floral design and delivery.

blue mercury glass bellaforaofdallasblogspotcom

Many bridal magazines are pushing for whites and soft pinks, but for Sweetpea’s brides, they are drawn to our fun, bright use of colour. Rather than go for the norm, we like to work with our brides and add a little more flare. Sure, white is always an option, but anything from a soft touch of peaches and pastels to full blown, off the wall colour.


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