Keith Urban Light the Fuse Tour – Toronto Stop

Last night was the final night of the Canadian leg of the Keith Urban Light the Fuse Tour and I was lucky enough to be there. We were welcomed by Linda Martelli (@lindakx947) and Pete Walker (@PeteWalkerkx96) to the Air Canada Centre. The line up (in case you didn’t know) included Brett EldredgeLittle Big Town and Keith Urban.

When Brett hit the stage at 7:00pm on the dot, the venue was more than half full. My first thought… he’s tall, really tall. He is! I looked it up he’s 6’5″. He was a tall drink of water. His Marvin Gaye cover of “Let’s Stay Together” was amazing. The Illinois native has a big, rich voice and by the time he got to his final song, we were all dancing in our seats. He finished his set with his big hit “Don’t Ya” and we all sang along.

brett eldredge instagram #lightthefuse

Set change was fast and Little Big Town was up in no time! What can I say about these guys, amazing! The harmonies, the depth, the engagement. They were terrific. I loved their backdrop. A giant lace piece, loved it! They played a bunch of their hits and some covers, we love their covers. When they sang Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”, I got goosebumps. I mean… who does that? They did it, and they killed it!

little big town #lightthefuse

Set up for Keith Urban didn’t take a lot longer. They clearly have this tour down to a fine art. At 9:00pm that sneaky Keith just wandered onto the stage, no light changes, no warning. He just walked out and started playing. It was awesome! It didn’t take long for people to notice and with that, it was on! He played for just over two hours and I wish he could have played for two more. Want to see a set list, visit The Reviews are In? My favourite moments, “Long Hot Summer” (in the middle of our icy “polar vortex”). “Stupid Boy” (makes me cry everytime), “Making Memories” sung to the three girls invited up on stage. When one of the girls asked if she could take a selfie with him… Keith, making sure they were all in the photo and that the crowd was behind them, awesome! “You Gonna Fly” accompanied by Little Big Town. The Canadian medley played down at our end after a long walk through the crowd (Keith’s security must hate him). “Kiss a Girl” sung with Brett Eldredge. “We Were Us” sung with Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town.

keith urban instagram #lightthefuse #KeithUrbanTO

keith sneaks out

keith opening #lightthefuse #KeithUrbanTO

keith in the crowd #lightthefuse #KeithUrbanTO

So many amazing moments. I loved that Keith highlighted his band members and let them step into the forefront for a few moments. I loved this show! We love Keith Urban and it sure feels like he loves us too.

According to @AirCanadaCentre there was an estimated crowd of 13,800 people in attendance last night. Imagine a choir of 13,800, we were all singing along. That’s powerful stuff.

Thanks to Joshua for taking me, to Boots and Bourbon for having an awesome contest and thanks to Diageo for the sweet, sweet box seats, yummy food and drinks. That’s a memory made, for me.

PS… thanks to Joshua for sharing his notes


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