Photography win, Art Gallery Show, Dinner at Boots & Bourbon, Keith Urban Box Seats Winner!

Wow! It’s been quite a day. I’m going to skip all the not amazing stuff, because it just doesn’t count today!

1) I found out that I’d won my very first “Best of the Day” on Yep… this was on my Facebook page – “My photo just won a ‘Best of the Day’ award on!” I found out after someone commented. Yay! That’s one of my Miranda photos. I love that shot!

Miranda Lambert live at Boots and Hearts 2013 4

2) Today was the opening of the Student Art Show at Toronto Botanical Garden and my photo of the Toronto lakeshore “Fading Light, Toronto Waterfront” was hanging on the wall amongst the rest of the photos and paintings. It was weird and awesome. Some friends came out to see. We took pictures. A little overwhelming but oh, so cool.

fading light, toronto waterfront

3) Dinner at Boots & Bourbon. Joshua, CJ and I were supposed to go last night but you know, things happen. Work, tiredness, not wanting to put your pants back on once you’ve taken them off and lets not forget the “Polar Vortex” factor. I couldn’t stop thinking about fried chicken, oh and KEITH URBAN BOX SEATS!!! So tonight after the art exhibit Joshua and I skipped the lecture at the TBG and headed to dinner. There was a little arm twisting (he didn’t want to go) but in the end he agreed. We had the “if one wins they have to take the other” rule before we went in.

Boots n Bourbon Joshua-7380

We arrived and it turns out Wednesday night is all you can eat Snow Crab. This… made Joshua very happy. We had lots of time to kill (they were drawing for the tickets at the “end of the night”) so we started with drinks. Joshua had a draught Stock Ale and I went with the Grandmas Texas Lemonade. My drink was amazing and I will warn you, these could be dangerous on a hot summer’s day. Delicious and so easy to drink! Josh, Stock Ale, happy. Moving on.

Grandmas Texas Tea and Molson Stock Ale

Josh decided he was going to splurge and go for the $25 all you can eat Snow Crab and I ordered that sweet, sweet fried chicken I’d been thinking about all day long. My side choice was a little bit more difficult, so many choices. I went with the corn on the cob. This isn’t your regular old run of the mill corn, oh no. It comes with a sweet creamy something which helps the crumbled ketchup chips to stick to the corn! Yes… so good!

So many crab legs, so much chicken. Josh had my cole slaw (I’m never a fan) and he described it as creamy, crispy, cool but with instant heat (he interjected, this would not be good for me – allergy) yummy cabbage, smooth dressing, yum!

Boots n Bourbon snow crab-7386

Boots n Bourbon chicken dinner-7385

We were pacing ourselves so we ordered coffee and read the dessert menu. We were pretty full so opted to split a dessert. You know how growing up you ate those wonderful Flakies. Boots & Bourbon has an “Inside Out Flakie”. I just got goosebumps thinking about it. The perfect light touch after a big dinner.

Boots n Bourbon inside out flaky-7403

Delicious drinks! Delicious food! Service – adorable, friendly and attentive. These guys were batting 1000 with me.

Ahh… but our evening wasn’t over. Oh no! Just after 11:00 pm they drew for the tickets and while I was snapping photos of the drawing, my brain registered the words “Joshua Murray”. HOLY CRAP! We won!

Boots & Bourbon Winner Keith Urban Tickets

Seriously #Best #Day #Ever

Thanks to all of you who played a part, and there were a lot of you. Anyone who made a comment, liked my facebook post, said nice things, showed up at the opening, voted for my pixoto piece, served us food, drew winning tickets or said hello. Thank you! You rocked my world today and I love you for it.

So Friday… Keith Urban, Little Big Town, and Brett Eldredge. I can hardly wait.

A few shots of Boots & Bourbon. They’ve got some cool stuff and oh… country music! Looking forward to my next visit!

Boots n Bourbon wall features-7372

Boots n Bourbon skull-7398

Boots n Bourbon faux cow hide chair-7406

Boots n Bourbon sweet hearts rodeo-7369


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