Pausing For A Big Dose of Self-care


Today started and stuttered. I showed up for my appointment (let’s call it appointment A) to be told  it was being pushed by an hour. An hour later was actually a real problem for me. I had another appointment at Pause Beauty Spa at the exact time that this “later” appointment would be finishing. I called and left a message with Pause apologizing, fully expecting I was going to have to pay for the service I was going to miss. Lo and behold I got a call back and was told that if I came by, and wasn’t in a hurry, they might be able to squeeze me in. They, are, the best! Then I found out appointment A, wasn’t even on the books (I had an email confirming the time and date) and that they would text me later to reschedule. Alrighty then. I called back Pause and let them know I would be on time.

To say Pause is great is an understatement. I love these guys.

I finished up my regular appointment and wasn’t feeling the urge to leave. I had been talking to Erica about skin care products, the winter has been doing a real number on my skin. I overheard a conversation between two guys who were cashing out and Michelle, describing a cool package they were offering, so I started entertaining the thought of spending my afternoon with the ladies at Pause. The package… 90 minutes, shoulder, neck and back massage, foot massage and a customized facial  and aromatherapy treatment using all natural, organic, locally sourced products. But who was I kidding I knew Erica was completely booked for the day. Turns out, Michelle wasn’t!

I was in. Between Erica and Michelle I had a nice hot tea while we waited for the room to be set up. I went out and topped up my parking meter and set my mind to “me time”.

We headed to the very back room. It was quiet and dimly lit. There was music playing and candles burning. This was just what I needed (who doesn’t). Michelle gave me an overall idea of what was going to happen and then I got undressed and waited. It was amazing. With my eyes closed I selected scent two, which turned out to be ylang-ylang.

I won’t bore you with all the details but it was amazing. It felt like longer than 90 minutes. I heard a new band that I’m looking up now – Bright Eyes, loved Conor’s voice. I made today about me. Keeping my brain in a happy, relaxed, chilled out place.

I picked up some products from the Consonant Line. All natural, organic, local company. Bonus – January special, buy three products and get $25 off your facial. I’m very happy with the results so far and I hear within a week I’ll really see a difference. Take that winter weather! Don’t forget we get Pause Points. I’m close to getting my next service free!

So, to quote my dear friend Dan… “What you’re saying is…@PauseBeautyTO gives you a happy ending? (A very, very happy ending)”

Just to clarify… I was very happy at the end of my appointment.


consonant skincare-5736


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