The Planet Smashers Kill it at Lee’s Palace

The Planet Smashers live at Lee's Palace December 7, 2013

Last night I took the night off, well mostly. I went to Lee’s Palace to listen to the music, to feel the music, not to take pictures. There were moments when I wished I had my DSLR with me but you know what… that’s not what I was there for. Every moment isn’t necessarily meant for capturing. I’m trying to be more present in my own life. Yes, I took a few shots with my iPhone. I did, but I limited myself to one shot of each band and of course, shots of the hippopotamus. How can a person not take pictures of a big purple dancing hippopotamus. But… I digress.

We arrived in time to catch the last two songs by The Fundamentals. I’d never heard them before but I’m listening to them now. They sounded great, they looked great and they’ve got a girl playing trumpet! Pretty cool. You can find them on Stomp Records and you can hear them here.

The Fundamentals at Lees Palace December 7 2013 resize

Sorry for the blurry iPhone photos.

A quick tear down and setup and Mustard Plug was up. I have a pretty big collection of Mustard Plug in my music library and they didn’t disappoint. The music was spot on and the banter was saucy! They played my all time favourite (and I clearly wasn’t alone) Mr. Smiley and many, many more.

Mustard Plug at Lee's Palace December 7, 2013

Next… the main act but before I get to the performance I have to say something about The Planet Smashers social media. In my opinion, they’re doing this right, very right. I tweeted late in the afternoon that I was trying to motivate myself for the show and that I was putting my head down for a nap (it’s been a long week). They were all over it… favouriting my tweet, responding, encouraging me to come out to the show. I love it! Any time I mentioned them, they were on it. Now I know not all bands can do this, but it was a really nice touch and it made me feel like they really cared whether I showed up for their gig. You can follow them on Twitter at @Planet_Smashers.

Planet Smashers Social Media Interaction

On to the show… these guys are veterans. They know who they are, they know what we want. We got lots of our favourites, some new stuff from the upcoming album and we got to see one of the very last performances of the big purple hippopotamus. I’m afraid Matt announced that the hippo is a little worn out and will be retiring. We’ll miss the hippo!

planet smashers dec 7 2013 hippo 1 planet smashers dec 7 2013 hippo 2

The highlight for me… there’s something about watching an entire venue full of people sit down on the floor waiting for the inevitable pop up, go crazy moment in Surfin’ in Tofino. That… was magical.

Crazy fast, always engaging, never disappointing, you made my day so much better. I’ll see you next time guys!


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