The Answer Is… Pause Beauty Boutique

And the question was… Where has The Ten Spot’s Erica gone?

Today I went a new place to have my waxing needs met. I went to visit Pause Beauty Boutique. Now normally we girls don’t move around much when it comes to our estheticians. This is a pretty intimate service and when you find someone amazing, you stick with them. Enter Erica McManus. They don’t call her the Waxing Ninja for nothing. Yep, they really call her that and it’s what’s on her business cards! And they’re not lying. Erica is the very best. Erica has been my esthetician for quite some time and when I heard she was making a move I knew I had to follow her. We’ve been through “stuff” together. She knows all my secrets and I know they’re safe with her.

In August Erica moved to Pause Beauty Boutique. Pause is located on Bloor Street West, just west of Dovercourt, a short walk from the Ossington subway or there’s free parking on Ossington south of Bloor. Michelle Palmer is the owner and an esthetician. She used to manage another spa and knows great talent when she sees it. Manning the desk when I arrived was Natasha Mustapha. Natasha is  a certified lash technician and Erica was sporting the lash extensions. They looked amazing and I’m definitely sold! I’ll be booking an appointment soon.

erica mcmanus

Things at Pause are a little bit different. It’s a beautiful, comfortable, welcoming place. There was music on in the background, tea for drinking and the decor is soothing. Dark wood floors with an adorable touch near the front desk (you’ll see it). The pedicure chairs were calling to me. They looked so comfy. Most importantly, I never felt rushed.

Photo from Pause Beauty Boutique Website
Photo from Pause Beauty Boutique Website

The products available are a carefully-selected collection of bath, body and skin care products with a heavy focus on natural, and locally-made when possible. I like this! I was very happy with the products used during my visit and I also sampled an Ella’s Botanicals Muscle Rescue Balm. Let’s just say… it’s the one muscle not hurting right now (thanks to Rock Fitness).

I’ll be heading back on Friday December 13th to attend their Shopping & Manicure Party – Fundraiser for War Child Canada. Mini-manicures, wine & cheese, handmade jewelry (courtesy of Pay it Forward Creations ), and holiday shopping with a portion of proceeds benefiting War Child Canada. What a great idea! You should come with me.

Looking for a new spot to get that mani/pedi, facial, body treatment, threading or eye lash extensions, look no further. They have a great online booking system with email reminders and receipts. Another great thing,  they’re partnering with local businesses so watch for cross promotions. Did I mention loyalty points… yep, they’ve got them too.

Shout out to Sofi of Friend of a Friend Matchmaking for the discount. It was the nudge I needed to get in to see Erica in her new digs. It’s a small world.

It was great to see Erica.It had been much longer between appointments than usual but I’ve taken care of that, by pre-booking for the next time.


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