Five Things to See at The 91st Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Yes folks it’s that time of year again. The country has come to the city and it is glorious. I had the pleasure of attending a sneak peek Thursday morning and here are my top five recommendations of things you shouldn’t miss.

1. The President’s Choice Animal Theatre

There will be things going on here for 10 hours day. What kind of things you ask? Spirit of the Horse, The President’s Choice Superdogs, Sheep Herding, Goat Tricks and more! Daily schedules are available on the Royal’s website.

Goat Fun at the Royal Winter Fair RAWF

2. The Horse Show

Of course! So many things to see. I will be heading to Sunday’s Ontario Toyota Dealers Royal Rodeo but if Rodeo isn’t your cup of tea there are plenty of other events to choose from.

Guy McLean will be performing November 1st through the 3rd. If you’ve never seen a “horse whisperer” you should!

Guy McLean Royal 2013 RAWF

Sylvia Zerbini (formerly of Cavalia) who uses hand and body positions as well as quiet verbal cues to communicate with her spectacular Arabian and Andalusions.

The Greenhawk Canadian Cup boasts a $75,000 prize for the top Canadian show jumpers.

And last but not least… The Ricoh Big Ben Challenge on November 9th is always a sellout (get your tickets early).

I’ve only mentioned a few, check the schedule for all of the Horse Show Offerings.

3. The Royal Culinary Theatre

This year the Royal is pulling out all the culinary stops. They’ve got a Royal Chef Challenge for us. Bob Blumer was excited when telling us about this year’s food features. The Royal is bringing us four regional fair winners and they’ll be duking it out for the top spot. They’ve really stepped it up a notch this year. The food areas look amazing and aren’t at all reminiscent of the typical food courts you’re used to. In addition there will be competitions with two top hotel chefs vs the in-house caterers, Ovations and The Food Dudes. Sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of really great food!

Royal Culinary Theatre 2013 RAWF

Don’t forget to stop by The Hitching Ring Cafe & Bar. You can grab a bite to eat while you watch the upcoming competitors warm up for their turn in the ring. Don’t worry about dust… all of the “dirt” is a special poly blend, better footing for the horses and no dust! They’re open late for dancing.

4. The aMAZEing Food Journey

New to this year’s fair this exhibit takes us through the food journey. It’s hands on and interactive and great for the kids.


5. The Vendors

The fair is a shoppers delight! Got your eye on a new pair of boots, or a great snazzy piece of tack for your horse. This is the place to get a great price.

Is that five already? Darn. Don’t forget to check out the agricultural competitions. The Breeders are here to merchandise! From now until Tuesday the focus is on beef cattle and children’s competitions (4H). You can pick yourself up a great dairy cow between Wednesday and Saturday. The auction is open to the public Thursday night. A very cool thing to see but be careful. Scratch your nose at the wrong moment and you’ll be taking home an animal! Honey, maple syrup, jams, jellies & pickles, fields crops, fruits, vegetables and cheese and butter. This is where the best come to compete. The Toronto Botanical Garden has an entry in the honey competition (we’re still waiting for the results to be published).

Royal Winter Fair Cattle RAWF 2013

There is so much more going on. Visit the Royal’s website. It’s friendly and easy to navigate. See you at the fair!


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