CNE 2013 Day 13 – The Reason, Big Wreck and Marshall Dane

Day 13 is all about music. Quick mention, in case this is your first CNE 2013 post, I’m here taking photos for Joshua Murrray, who was chosen as an Official CNE Blogger this year. It was because of this connection that I was able to get access to the photo pit for The Reason and Big Wreck. Thanks to Joshua and The CNE for the opportunity.

First up… The Reason. I love these guys and they’re “the reason” (I know… I’m sorry) for my presence tonight. Now I’m not like some of you, I haven’t been following the guys since the Sewing with Nancie days but I did hop on the bandwagon with the release of Fools. Who didn’t get caught up in the catchy chorus of The Longest Highway Home. Last night Adam, Cubby and Ronson joined by guitarist Mike Caputo and drummer Serge Sargento, did not disappoint. They played a quick 30 minutes set which included Don’t Fail Me Now and Drive Me Home. 

Photographer’s note… security made it impossible to get a great shot of the entire band without a security guard in it.

So you say… why are there so many photos of Mike Caputo? Well… Joshua and I actually know him. Mike and Joshua used to work together. He was particularly photogenic last night and I had trouble narrowing down the photos.

Next up, Big Wreck. I’m a fan of the music and Ian and the guys did a great job. They played all of my favourites including That Song, Blown Wide Open and The Oaf. They also covered some Thornley hits Come Again, Falling to Pieces and they played Albatross, from the latest album.

But we weren’t done. Oh no! We headed to the Midway Stage to catch the Marshall Dane‘s Final set. Joshua and I do love country music. Marshall’s music was country but as they say on his website – fueled with rock.

Fellow photographer Ray Williams, who we met at Boots and Hearts had been shooting Marshall earlier in the night. Sadly we missed each other but Ray got some great shots.

Let’s not forget where we were – gratuitous fair shot coming up

What I will say here… there is very little editing of these photos and I’m using a camera that I don’t know very well. I have resigned myself to downloading the manual and  learning how to use this camera today. However, I did get some shots that I’m pretty okay with. But let me say, I’m looking forward to camera shopping next week.


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