CNE 2013 – Day 9 – Ill Scarlett and USS

Busy, busy day at Fan Expo but I managed to make it onto the CNE grounds before Ill Scarlett finished up their set tonight. I could hear them from the line in the parking lot and I was sad that I was missing them. I have quite a few memories attached to their music.

By the time I made it to the Bandshell singer, Alex Norman was limping around. I found out later he “did something” while the band was playing House of Pain’s, Jump Around. Alex was a trooper and while you could tell it must really hurt, he never uttered a single complaint, although he did jokingly say “if there where any doctors in the crowd”.

CNE 2013 Ill Scarlett

CNE 2013 Ill ScarlettCNE 2013 Ill Scarlett

Between sets… this came up.

CNE 2013 USS no body surfing

The missing words… moshing permitted. Really?

The set change was ridiculously fast and before I knew it USS were taking the stage. What can I say… I love these guys and they played all of my favourites including Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole, Laces Out, Stationery Robbery and This is the Best… we were all happy to sing along.

CNE 2013 USSCNE 2013 USS CNE 2013 USS

A great night at The Bandshell  for “local” talent. (Ill Scarlett hail from  Mississauga and USS come from the Markham/Stouffville area. Let’s just call it Toronto.)

Side notes…

By the time I made it to the parking lot… @illscarlett had favouirted a tweet and was following me on twitter. #win

I really miss being in the photo pit… it’s just not the same from here.


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