Fan Expo 2013 – Marvel

Fan Expo… it’s not the San Diego Comicon but it’s pretty amazing! It was day 2 for many but day 1 for me. I couldn’t make last night but I am the proud owner of a 4 Day Deluxe Pass (does that up my nerd factor?). I made my way straight (if you can call going up and down and around in circles 3 times, straight) to the South Building to meet up with my very own personal guide, Cyclops.

FanExpo 2013 Cyclops [credit: Trish Cassling]Ok… so I got lost and he found me just after I had finally managed the get through the show floor and find the giant sign that says “To The South Building”.  I was trying my best to make it before 5:15. There was a scheduled group photo opportunity for anyone dressed as a Marvel character. I made it!

Things started to come together a little slowly…

FanExpo 2013 Marvel group shot-6665Characters wandered in…

FanExpo 2013 Marvel group shot-6669The group came together…

FanExpo 2013 Marvel group shot-5970

FanExpo 2013 Marvel group shot-5978And then they started really posing…

FanExpo 2013 Marvel group shot-5982

FanExpo 2013 Marvel group shot-5984And then the goofing around started…

FanExpo 2013 Marvel group shot-5987I am nerd and I don’t care who knows it! I love this place and these people!

One question… why is Deadpool wearing pants? Afraid of the tights young man?
NOTE – in response to an offline comment – this is not intended as body shaming but just about commitment to the costume. I’ve never seen Deadpool wearing pants.

Looking forward to tomorrow and using more than an iPhone to shoot some photos.


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