CNE 2013 – Day 1

For me the opening of the CNE is always a little bittersweet. I love the fair! Yay!!! Summer’s almost over. 😦

I had the opportunity to tag along yesterday with Joshua Murray, he’s an official CNE blogger this year. I think we got a couple of nice shots. I sure am missing the Canon 7D I’m used to shooting with but this Nikon Coolpix will challenge my knowledge and skills, right?

CNE 2013 Kids Midway Bee Ride

cne aug 16 kids midway day-6257

We headed from the parking lot, through the kids midway, to the Food Building. I generally stick to the rule, if I can eat it somewhere else why bother here. I picked up some H. Salt Fish and Chips as my opener – Food Building Round 1 and Joshua picked up a Pulled Pork Poutine from Pull’d. So yummy!

CNE 2013 H. Salt Fish and Chips

CNE 2013 Fry'd Pulled Pork PoutineOne of the things I love about the Food Building is being able to look at what everyone else is eating and talk to them about it. Yes, people in Toronto, in the Food Building, will talk to you about what they’re eating. We saw the mighty Cronut burger. It sat down next to us with a lovely couple and let me say, they really liked it! We also had the pleasure of meeting a couple who were sharing a Krispy Kreme Burger.

Onto the music!!! We made a quick dash to The BandShell. When I’d heard Whitney Rose was opening for The Proclaimers I knew I had drop everything else (sorry to Margaret who got ditched) and get myself a seat! I really believe this lady is going places and I feel blessed to have met her at the beginning of her career. Whitney seems comfortable on stage and when she joked, “Last year at the CNE, I was playing BINGO. This year… The Bandshell.” the crowd laughed along. She comes across as humble but ready for the challenge ahead. Whitney’s voice is clear and sweet. Her sound is distinct and I’m a huge fan. If you’re a reader you’ll know I saw Whitney at Boots and Hearts and picked up her CD and I love it!

CNE 2013 Whitney Rose at The Bandshell-6264

CNE 2013 Whitney Rose at The BandshellCNE 2013 Whitney Rose at The BandshellCNE 2013 Whitney Rose at The BandshellNext stop for us was the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Building. I was hoping to find a bag to make carrying around my stuff a little more convenient. No luck, handcrafted but expensive bags were not in my budget. But I did find an amazing wrap, lightweight, so warm and only $19.99 . Yes it’s made of polyester but hey… it’s awesome.

A sure stop for us in this building is the sports memorabilia stop. Lots of looking, no buying tonight. We’ll see if we can make through the fair without some kind of purchase. 🙂 And all of a sudden I noticed the light outside. Time to head outside for some setting sun fair shots. I hoped.

I got a few I like. Hope you like them too.

CNE 2013 Canadian Flags

CNE 2013 CANDY TIMECNE 2013 Game AlleyCNE 2013 MidwayCNE 2013 Roller CoasterCNE 2013 Ferris Wheel

Food Building, Round 2 consisted of the pair of us running into people we knew, you watch, it’ll happen to you too and grabbing some yummy ice cream, strawberries and waffles.

CNE 2013 Waffles, Ice Cream and Straberries

And of course, I can’t leave without these guys, Tiny Tom!

CNE 2013 Tiny Tom Time


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