Boots & Hearts 2013 Spotlight: Dierks Bentley

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Dierks Bentley at Boots and Hearts 2013 [credit: Trish Cassling]“This is Sunday night?! This feels like a Friday night!” – Dierks Bentley

That was exactly the sentiment of tens of thousands of country music fans when curly haired hunk, Dierks Bentley took the stage and took over.

If there was a theme to Bentley’s set at Boots & Hearts it was PARTY. That’s what he was there to facilitate from the intro video and first notes of Free and Easy. And that’s what the audience did, with enthusiasm.

Like many of the other performers at the festival, I hadn’t seen Dierks live before. But I have loved his music for years. Heck, I’ve sung What Was I Thinkin’ at karaoke more times than I care to remember. But man, he does it way better than I do. And I’m sure glad that I was there witness it and hear him ask the ladies in the crowd if any of…

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