Boots & Hearts 2013 Spotlight: Emerson Drive

Check out the pictures I took last night at Boots & Hearts. More coming throughout the weekend.

The Reviews Are In

Boots and Hearts 2013 Ferris Wheel and Durango Banner [credit: Trish Cassling]The fans at Boots & Hearts may have had to wait an extra year to see Emerson Drive on stage in Bowmanville… but it was worth it.

The band admitted during the set that they were supposed to be on the inaugural bill last year, but it didn’t work out – so getting the chance to play this year, on the extra day, was a cool thing for them. And the Thursday night fans were very happy that it all worked out.

Still riled up from Tim Hicks‘ set, the crowd popped when the boys of Emerson Drive hit the stage and started things off with a sans-Doc Walker version of Let It Roll and they stayed loud and engaged throughout a set that included I Should Be Sleepin’, Fall Into Me (2 of my favs), Moments (their 1st #1 hit) and more.

The boys have been doing…

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