I Know it’s Today – Ashley Gibson – Solo Show

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Ashley Gibson‘s “I Know it’s Today” solo show at The Flying Beaver Pubaret. I’d heard about the show via a Facebook event and I’d been looking forward to it. While technically I’d never seen Ashley perform, I kinda, sorta had. I’ve seen her sing at Karaoke and I knew this was going to be great! I was not disappointed.

My group had a reservation for dinner ensuring that we’d get one of the best tables. Dinner was delicious and I’ve put The Flying Beaver on my list of “go to” places to grab some great food while east of Yonge. Earlier that day I had messaged Ashley and asked her if it would be ok if I brought along the camera, (I’m working on my “show” photography skills). She let me know it would be ok but please, no flash. Easy, peasy, no flash required.

We arrived early and there was a distinct excitement in the air. There was a very friendly group of people having pre-dinner drinks and chatting. We spent a little time by the bar waiting for the room set up to be complete. Introductions were and made the chatter volume picked up a notch. Within minutes we were greeted by Roxanne who escorted us to our table. It was nice and close with an unobstructed view. Sweet!

The theme of the show… everything that’s happened to Ashley since her engagement broke up. Stories about dating in the big city. Lots of them. What? I didn’t know she’d been enaged.

Ashley took the stage looking amazing in her beautiful, sparkly dress and gorgeous pink Betsey Johnson shoes. She sang, she joked and she engaged the audience, allowing us to participate in the conversation. She regaled us with stories about “Tattoo Boy”, “Starbucks Boy” and many others. We were gifted with a visit from “Yenta” who tried but failed to help Ashley out. We’ve all been through break ups and as Ashley said “breaking up sucks both for the breaker upper and the breaker upie”. Yet, in spite of the sucking part, she kept it light-hearted and never seemed jaded or bitter. Her enthusiasm for life, music and love shone through.

She made us laugh, she made us tear up, she got us to share, she made us remember and she entertained the hell out of us! She did this with the assistance/direction of her Musical Director Tara Litvack. (Note Tara has a show coming up August 4th, accompanying Esther Vallins at The Flying Beaver – check them out).

I’ve posted my favourite shots from last night below.

Ashley Gibson - I Know it's Today - The Flying Beaver Pubaret


ashely-intro ashely-smile ashley-1


2 thoughts on “I Know it’s Today – Ashley Gibson – Solo Show

  1. Excellent! So glad you were able to get some good photographs. I was a bit too far back to get anything usable. What a fun night! Cheers!


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