Chevrolet Canada’s Sonic Stunt – #SonicRSDrive

Unless you’ve been living under a social media rock, you’ve heard of Klout. On June 4th I received an email letting me know I was eligible for a “Once-in-a-lifetime Klout Perk from Chevrolet Canada“. Well, I couldn’t click on that link fast enough! Ok, actually I could and I did! I had been invited to participate in the SONIC STUNT SCHOOL at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. We would be learning how to handle the Sonic on the track and learning some awe-inspiring (no kidding, they were) stunts. In addition to that, I would be driving home in a sporty, turbocharged sub-compact of my own and keeping it for an extended test drive.

klout-perkimage sonic large #sonicRSdrive

Who wouldn’t love getting an email that says… “Are you ready to burn rubber?” Yes I am! Just like that, Chevrolet Canada was making one of my dreams come true. I had always wanted to drive on the track. I’d looked at the website but alas, I couldn’t afford to make it a reality. I couldn’t believe this was really going to happen.

Where to start… perhaps with the sweet bag of goodies that arrived beforehand. The bag itself was made from an actual Chevrolet billboard ad. My bag was a market tote but I noticed a number of folks on the bus had messenger bags. These bags feel amazing and look like they’ll be perfect for carrying all my wet gear after dragon boat practice. Inside the bag, Fuji water (my personal fav), a water bottle, a very nice BPA-free water bottle (I lost mine last week at NXNEi), a Klout bracelet and button, CLIF SHOT BLOKS, and a sticker. Stuff I can actually use, very nice.

chevrolet swag bag contents

I arrived at the pick up point on time and was ushered onto the luxury bus. I was thrilled to find @TheDanLevy already on the bus. Always good to see Dan. I also finally got to meet @noellachoi, we’ve been following each other for years on twitter but it was our first in person meeting. In total there were 11 participants in the afternoon session. We had a very nice drive up, including lunch and some fun conversation.


When we arrived I was a little surprised to see so many cameras but the crew was great and they didn’t really get in our way. They seemed to be everywhere but not intrusive. There were cameras in the cars, on the cars, big cameras in photographers hands, little cameras on long poles. I can’t wait to see the footage.

Our group was taken to the timed track session first. We were paired up with a driver, had heart monitors put on us and taken for a couple of laps around the track, at what felt like full speed.

I have to give Chevrolet Canada some major props. They did an amazing job with this promotion, right from the beginning. Everyone was amazing, the people at Klout, MacLaren, the bus company, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, all of the staff, drivers, and the crew who filmed the entire day. An amazing group of people. Did I say amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the company of my fellow stunt students. All in all, a great group.#SonicRSDrive MosportWe had a blast. full speed. It was fantastic! I couldn’t stop smiling. There was dust flying, the smell of brakes and cars so close you couldn’t believe they weren’t hitting each other. And still I smiled. Next we swapped places with the drivers and it was our turn. The first time out I was pretty tentative (yes I won a prize for slowest lap time) but each time I pushed it a little further. Less braking, more gas. I could have done this all day. Then we swapped with the other group and went to learn how to do a “sliding park” and a “J-turn”. I’ll let the videos speak for themselves. Smiling turned to outright laughter. Apparently controlled danger makes me laugh. 😀

They fed us, they delivered us, they taught us how to push our limits and then they gave us candy, awards, more swag (including a car charger, which I really needed) and cars to take home. To say a fun time was had by all is the understatement of the century. There will be footage. It will be awesome!

Thank you to everyone involved. This truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I feel honoured to have been a part.

UPDATE! Video footage!



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