Guest Post – Expands Across Canada!

Some of you may know that I’ve been doing a little community management on the side with Things have been going really well and this week we rolled out a brand new format.

Thanks to Joshua Murray for taking the time to write about what we’re up to. I’m a big fan of Joshua‘s and if you like what you read… you can read more, here -> 2013 ExpansionCongratulations to our friends at on their new website launch and the opening of the Montreal, West Coast and East Coast markets!

ArtBombDaily launched in late 2011 in Toronto as a new website that offers art by talented Canadian arists to Canadian art lovers by online auction. What started as a 1 piece offering, 5 days a week, has turned into a 7 day a week operation with up to 3 pieces available per day.

With the recent expansion the ArtBomb team has grown to include 4 curators who are doing a great job of finding interesting, eclectic and exiting pieces.

Toronto: Lisa Campos Aziz
Montreal: Holly Friesen
West Coast: Mary E. Shaughnessy
East Coast: Teri Walsh

All 4 curators are passionate about their work and are encouraged about the opportunity that brings to each of their markets. And if this first week is any indication, there will be no shortage of great art to come from each one of them.

Note: A hat tip to Matthew Potter for his work building the new website.

There is a lot of excitement within the ArtBomb team about the expansion and it’s easy to see why. Sales numbers continue to grow and their project has grown exponentially since the beginning. And in even better news it looks like there may be room to grow even further.

ArtBomb also continues to grow within the arts community and is connecting with more people every day via social media. Community Manager, Trish Cassling hopes to soon reach the 1000 Likes plateau on Facebook and 1,500 followers on Twitter.

However, with the expansion and the growth, still offers the same 2 week delivery time and all art comes ready to hang just like you see it in the photos with the April 9 With The ChairKeep your eyes on the website every day to see what’s available and place your bid. And remember that signing up for the daily email with all of the information you want and need is as easy as click, click, click.

Stay tuned my art loving friends, isn’t slowing down any time soon!


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