Amazing Adventures – Costa Rica – Day 7

Trash The Dress and Bohemian Looks

I woke up feeling pretty chipper. Awake before the alarm went off. Always a good sign. Headed off to breakfast where I had a very light breakfast and then we were off to the pier to meet up with our hosts, Calypso Cruises. We were on the Manta Raya which is 71 feet long and 32 feet wide. She is equipped with two giant hammocks stretched between twin hulls and two fresh water pools, perfect for sightseeing and sunbathing on her expansive forward deck. Their most helpful staff made our day with them unforgettable.

Amazing Adventures Costa Rica Calypso Cruises manta raya

We spent five hours on Tortuga Island. They were fun, busy hours. Calypso offered snorkeling, swimming, banana boat rides, hikes, and lunch. Lunch was completely prepared on the island and watching them set up was breath taking. A beach with a few huts became a beautiful campsite complete with full kitchen where they made an amazing chicken with coconut and papaya curry sauce, rice, veg, salad, dessert, coffee. It was impressive!

amazing adventure costa rica lunch calypso tours

In addition to the regular activities we had two shoots planned. One was a “Trash the Dress” shoot which was so much fun and then we had a bohemian style woman and man shoot.

I think I promised you models. Here they are.

Amazing Adventures Costa Rica Trash thedress february 24, 2013

Amazing Adventures Costa Rica Bohemian Shoot

Amazing Adventures Costa Rica Pedro on the Manta Raya

Bonus shot of a parrot.

Amazing Adventures Costa Rica parrot feb 24, 2013

And I believe I also promised you a better sunset picture. I have some!

Amazing Adventures Costa Rica SunsetAmazing Adventures Costa Rica Sunset2

Amazing Adventures is living up to all it’s hype… IMHO. I’m learning so much! It’s like photography boot camp.

Tomorrow’s theme… pin up shoot!


3 thoughts on “Amazing Adventures – Costa Rica – Day 7

    1. Thanks Joe. I love this place. Every single time I go I wish I could stay forever. Note – looking for a very lovely man to pay my bills in Costa Rica. Just Joking but seriously! It’s awesome here!


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