Amazing Adventures – Costa Rica – Day 4

Baldi Hot Springs, Spa & Resort

Today was my “off” day. The group were headed out to Iguana Bridge today, leaving at 10:00 am. I slept in, joined the group for breakfast, saw the group onto the bus and then headed to the spa. Yay for me!

The tour leader had booked me for “Coffee/Chocolate exfoliating massage”. Smoothing, comforting and indulgent. This super combination of coffee and chocolate uses 100% natural cacao and coffee that leave your skin hydrated and toned. The components of the coffee help remove dead skin cells, detoxifying the body and slowing the loss of oxygen in the cells. This treatment works as a natural blocking agent to the damaging ultraviolet rays and provides a smooth and fresh complexion.

After exfoliation, your skin is ready to absorb the rich chocolate body wrap that brings life back to dull and damaged skin. Indulge in the sweet bliss of the tropics. Followed by a 30 minute moisturizing massage.

Time : 90 minutes

You may be wondering how they get all that coffee and chocolate off your body, right? How about a nude dip in the private hot springs. So amazing. This was just what I needed.

I was done by 1:30 and hit my laptop looking at photos from yesterday, doing a few edits. I will admit I was shocked to hear the group returning. How did I lose an hour and a half. Oh oh… looks like I’ve developed another nasty habit that keeps me at the laptop hour after hour. Warning… picture editing can be addictive.

I spent a little time wandering the property taking photos, playing with light and settings.

Note… all photos are as taken, no photo editing.

image_0175 crop

Amazing Adventures Costa Rica Helipad Amazing Adventures Costa Rica Bird of Paradise Amazing Adventures Costa Rica Baldi Hot Spring Amazing Adventures Costa Rica Red Flower

We headed to Nuevo Arenal for dinner at 5:30. Reservation for 15 at Moya’s Pizzeria. Our tables were waiting when we arrived and we were given the choice of beef tenderloin with pepper sauce, chicken with mushroom sauce and fish (not sure if there was a sauce, I’ll have to ask). The food arrived quickly and was amazing! Easily the best food I’ve had since arriving (and we’ve had some good food). Moya outdid himself tonight. They’re listed on Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. Five star rating from the entire group!

Tomorrow Amazing Adventure starts with a 6:45 breakfast meet and a 7:15 departure so I bid you adieu.


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