Amazing Adventures – Costa Rica – Day 1

San Jose to La Fortuna

It’s officially day 1 of this 10 day extravaganza. It’s actually day 2 for me. I arrived yesterday with the tour’s coordinator and translator for Amazing Adventures, Catherine Cuco. There are a few pre-arrival details to work out when you’re planning for 15 people over 2 locations.

I’m excited. There’s a lot to learn in a short time. This afternoon’s lesson was “how to shoot a cool dual wooden garbage can from my room on an orange floor under florescent light”. Apparently it’s about shutter speed and light balance. Of course it is.

Our group arrived safely and after a long drive (thanks to Johnny, our personal driver), with a short stop for dinner we have arrived at Baldi Hot Springs Hotel. It’s pretty amazing. 25 hot springs, swim up bars, beautiful accommodations and very friendly, patient staff.

It’s been a long day so this will be a short post. Here are a few photos from today. Some from my iPhone, some from the Canon. I’ve been promised my shots will improve every day. You be the judge.

pink tree day 1

airport day 1 620

airport group 620

bus loading 620

coca cola day 1

hawk day 1

sunset day 1 iphone


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