Let the Amazing Adventure Begin!

Or… Foundations of Photography – Preparation for Costa Rica

I’m starting to get excited!

This past Saturday things started to get real for me. Although I had attended a meeting where I had met most of the other people attending the Amazing Adventures‘ Tierra Y Mar trip on January 8th,

Amazing Adventures Group Photo 1

there was something about sitting down with Catherine Cuco and Martin Ingles (the trip’s organizers) for dinner and my very first camera lesson, that made if feel very real. This is really going to happen. And soon.

The countdown on my blog post now reads 18 days.

So… I’ve had my hands on the camera since Saturday night. It’s a Canon EOS Rebel T4i. quite a change from my iPhone camera. I’ve been playing with it. Taking pictures, changing settings. Martin’s first piece of advice was to take it off Automatic and figure out what the camera can do. I’ve been following that advice. Are my photos getting better? I don’t think so, but I’m much more comfortable with it my hands. Today I took a step closer to actually understanding what I’m doing (hopefully). Today I took a class at Toronto Botanical GardenFoundations of Photography with instructor Mark Trusz.

Things I learned today…

  • Turn off your flash for more flattering photos in Auto.
  • Worry about the bright stuff. Exposure compensation is important!
  • The tripod is your best friend.
  • The two second self timer gets rid of camera wiggle.
  • Taking a photo of white paper (and having it look white) is really hard.

I leave for San Jose, Costa Rica February 17th. I have 18 more days to get comfortable with the camera. My lessons don’t end today. This adventure has only just begun. I understand Martin is an incredible teacher. I feel lucky to be learning from the best. I’ll have the most amazing opportunities put in front of me as a photographer (can I call myself that yet?). There will be fire dancing on the beach, waterfalls, poison dart frogs, crocodiles, iguanas, flora and fauna beyond belief including a stop at Finca Luna Nueva, Certified Organic Biodynamic Farm and much more.

There will be more posts. I’m pretty sure some of them will be photo blogs. Will the photos improve day over day… I think so. You be the judge.



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