My Top 10 Favourite Gift Certificates

I swear this is not a blatant attempt to put you all on the hook for buying me my favourite gift certificates but more a, “have you thought about these”, for all of your gift buying needs. Double pinky swear!

The Ten Spot, meeting all my waxing needs for quite some time now. Erica knows all of my secrets.

John Steinberg and Associates, Ane Lise has seen me through multiple broken hearts and always has a smile for me. You can’t trust your hair to just anyone.

ARTBOMB, you can’t really buy someone else art, these guys let you put that choice in the hands of your favourite person. Rising stars in the Canadian art world, hand chosen by Andrea Carson, an expert in contemporary art.
(NOTE – Andrea has gone on to other projects, best of luck Andrea. Lisa Campos Aziz will be the new curator. Lisa is an expert in contemporary art. )
BEST BUY, meeting all my electronics needs. I’d really love a Kinect with Dance Central!

Eaton Centre, the possibilities are endless!

Silver Snail, for the comic book, dvd, figure, model, cup, dolls aficionado. They do it all.


Toronto Botanical Garden, plants, gift ware, kids stuff, gardening stuff in general.

Dollbarinc, extension heaven but they also carry Kevin Murphy shampoo, the best smelling shampoo on the planet, IMHO!

BUNNERS, the saviour of the gluten free baked good lover.


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