Sunday Brunch in Parkdale – Cardinal Rule Review

My Sunday brunch started with a tweet. I tweeted at @CardinalRuleTO to ask “What’s for breakfast”. You know what? They tweeted back within minutes, with the specials. Not only that… they referenced my very new (less than a week old) gluten free dietary restriction.  That’s pretty cool.  Today’s special,  Steak and Eggs and pancakes with drunk pineapple. I was in and let them know I’d be seeing them soon. How can you not love that they’re paying attention to the details. I know I do.

After waiting for @phjoshua to finish up his Sunday morning work we headed to Cardinal Rule for brunch. When we arrived we were greeted by the friendly staff. It’s nice to feel welcome. We were told our favourite table was free. I love the booths with their awesome decoupage table tops.  They’re fun to look at! Here’s one of my favourite images. Great in case of momentary lapses of conversation (not really a problem for me).

 Cardinal Rule is currently dealing with some issues (not that you could tell), flood and refrigerator issues so they were offering a limited menu. There was still plenty to choose from. The steak and eggs were calling to me so that’s what I ordered.  @phjoshua ordered the smoked salmon eggs benny. Both dishes were perfectly cooked and arrived in good time.

Bottom line for me… this is my favourite neighbourhood brunch spot. They have amazing food and drinks. They have great staff. Reasonably priced. They’ve been on “You Should Eat Here”, that’s pretty cool.

Next time you’re wondering where to eat… you should eat here!

If you want to help out with their flood/refrigeration issues you can donate here to help them out.

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