GRATiAE Organic Body Butter Review

On September 20th I received a package at work. I love getting packages. Who doesn’t love getting packages? I’d been waiting for this one and I was very excited. That excitement grew as I opened the box and removed the tissue paper. First impressions – the packaging was gorgeous. I opened the lid and found the scent to be light and refreshing. I was expecting a sample of body butter to review. What I received was a full sized body butter, a full sized body scrub as well as samples of Gratiae Lifting Moisture Cream and Lifting Facial Serum. I hoped to be happily impressed. I was not disappointed.

Let me start by saying I have a pretty strong attachment to another specific body butter (I order it 6 jars at a time) so I wondered if I could be swayed. I read the ingredients list on the Gratiae products, all natural ingredients. Not true of my body butter. Hmm. I use body butter daily and I have to think all those chemicals must have an impact on my system – Gratiae body butter takes a major point. Next I looked up the products online, yes my usual product was less expensive however after using the Gratiae product I found I needed to use less of the product – call this one a draw. The Gratiae body butter felt amazing on my skin and it went a long way. I really love the fragrance of my usual body butter but I have to admit the combination of passion fruit and ginger is wonderful – another draw. Both are easy to get and both online ordering systems are easy to navigate – another draw.

In the end, for me it really comes down to, do I want to consciously keep putting chemicals on my skin? The answer is not really. Gratiae is a pleasure to use and is completely organic. That’s important to me.

I’d like to quickly touch on the body scrub, lifting cream and facial serum. At this moment there are three different body scrubs on the edge of my bathtub (including another brand which is organic), I have not used the other two since receiving the Gratiae product. It has become my new favourite. The lifting cream is easily absorbed and made my face feel silky and soft. The lifting serum firms, hydrates and lifts the skin. I will be buying the full sized products. Amazing and organic.  Win, win.

Beautiful packaging, wonderful organic products and great results. I give all of the Gratiae products five stars and plan to keep using them.


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