Guest Post: @phjoshua Mom’s Garden Inspiration

When I was younger and lived at home we had gardens. The 2 that got the most attention were the flower garden on the north side of the house and the vegetable garden in back yard (west) that helped make sure we had lots of food on the table at dinner.

Since then the vegetable garden has shrunk (fewer mouths at dinner) but still produces peppers, cucumbers & tomatoes that make for great salads and sandwiches.

Note: I know that the tomatoes make great sandwiches because we had toasted tomato for lunch on Saturday. Fresh and fantastic.

In that same time the flower gardens have expanded… By my count there are 6 gardens in 9 separates beds.

They’re all pretty great with trees, shrubs, herbs and flowers. My mom has done a great job. She’s also happy with them and that’s why she keeps adding to them and maintaining them and being proud of them.

That’s what I like most about the gardens, the fact that she’s proud of them and they make her happy.

And really, that’s my favorite part of anyone’s garden, the fact that they’re created and cared for with love.

Who knows, someday I may even have gardens of my own. But until then, I hope my mom and everyone else out there keeps working on theirs so I have pretty things to admire.


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