Guest Post – Joshua Murray – Toronto Botanical Garden Plant Sale 2012

A big thank you to Joshua Murray from The Reviews Are In for taking the time to write this piece because I just couldn’t find the time.  Crazy times here at Toronto Botanical Garden.  Crazy good! Please remember all proceeds from the Plant Sale go to support the Toronto Botanical Garden. We’re a non-profit operation and rely on individuals, corporations, foundations and the revenue generated by our education and events departments.

I grew up a country kid. We had lots of space on the property which meant lots of grass to cut and lots of garden space.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that there are no fewer than 7 flower beds at home right now. Plus the vegetable garden.

When I was younger and lived at home it was a given that at some point we would help weed or plant or water or pick or something. And as I grew older (and moved away and helped less) I learned to love the layouts and colours and sizes and design of gardens. There’s something really gorgeous and true and pure about the colours that come from flowers in bloom beside other flowers in bloom and with great accessories included.

And when I moved to the city I learned to really appreciate green space and gardens wherever they happened to be. People with tiny front yards that choose to planty flowers make me smile. Plant boxes on balconies are great. Flowers and herbs on fire escapes are art in my mind. Container gardening. It’s all brilliant.

Note: I really do have a soft spot for urban gardens.

Why am I writing about this you ask? Because it’s time for the Toronto Botanical Garden Plant Sale  at The TBG Floral Hall.

The plant sale runs from May 18th to 21st with a special preview today for Friends and Members of The Garden!

If you’re in the market for annuals, perannials, tropicals, shrubs, tress or vegetables – this is the sale you want to be at!

The selection will be awesome (so my sources tell me). The experts will be on hand (ask for Paul and Sandra). And the sun will be out (according to recent weather forcasts).

Note: The TBG Garden Cafe is open and serving up some pretty tasty stuff. Stop in for refreshments and treats!

Gardening really is a pretty great hobby. It can be calming and frustrating and rewarding and fruitful and beautiful. And it all starts with the seeds and seedlings and bulbs and plants that you put in the ground and pots and planters.

SO! Get your wheel barrel ready and bring your gloves (or pick up a new pair) because you’re going to find a lot of things you want and need to bring home this weekend from the Toronto Botanical Garden Plant Sale!

And please send me some pictures of your garden when it’s all pretty and such. I can’t wait to see it!


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