In the Classroom – Yoga

I love yoga.  I have from the first time I tried it.  I’ve taken classes in many places.  Some great, some not so great.  One of the things that has stopped me from attending more classes is the ability to work them into my schedule.  This is no longer an issue for me, the classes are literally across the hall.  I attended a few classes last term but somehow work managed to get in the way of regular attendance.  This week, spurred by a comment from a fellow classmate (it’s nice to be missed) I made up my mind to make yoga a priority.  My boss had already agreed to allow me to attend the classes even though they happen in the middle of my day.  They really do care about our well being here at Toronto Botanical Garden.  I’ve signed up for the next 10 weeks and plan to make it to all of those classes.

Our instructor is Janet Croken.  She’s been practising yoga for 20 years and has been certified in the Fluid Yoga style for eight years.  She is also a Registered Massage Therapist who has a B.A. in Social Communications.  I think those things make her a better yoga instructor.  She has a calming, quiet way about her yet she commands the class.

The class is relatively small in size, approximately 12 people.  So far all participants have been women but men are definitely welcome.  I’ve been in much larger yoga classes, I prefer the smaller size.  Participants in the the class vary in many ways and Janet is easily able to accommodate differing abilities.  She is quick to help us with adjustments making the asanas less challenging or more difficult depending on our personal levels, physical challenges and what we hope to get from the class.  If you need a brick to help with the pose, she appears with a brick.  Janet is on top of things.

I’m always surprised how fast the 90 minutes passes.  When the class is over my body feels challenged and my spirit feels calmed.  It’s a wonderful break in my day and I look forward to the next class.  If you’re interested, you can find details on the Wellness classes on the TBG website.


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