Slackers Canadian Music Week


Hello Slackers Canadian Music Week!

Tonight was the first night of performances for the 2012 Canadian Music Week.  Let me start by saying, I love this festival.  I love night after night of amazing choices of music at a price that makes it hard not to go out.  In years past I’ve a) been off work, b) taken some time off work to take full advantage of the schedule.  This year things are pretty crazy at work and I’m not going to be able to do that.  Although I did put in a late request for a vacation day tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  Worst case scenario I’ll go in late… lieu hours rock.

What brought me out tonight was The Reason playing at Lee’s Palace.  This band which originally formed in Hamilton caught my attention a little late in the game.  Adam White and James “Cubby” Nelan  formed The Reason in late 2003 after their punk band Sewing with Nancie came to an end. There have been a few changes in the lineup and the current iteration incluces Adam (vocals, guitar), James  (guitar), Michael Caputo (guitar), Ronson Armstrong (bass, vocals) and Chris Henry (drums).


I had the pleasure of attending tonight’s show with a long time fan that has been following them since the Sewing with Nancie days.  I thought I loved The Reason.  She really loves The Reason.  She knows their history and has been along for the ride.

 I have to admit it was their radio hit “The Longest Highway” which caught my ear.  I loved this song from the first time I heard it.  When it comes on the radio in the car I sing along, with feeling.  Radio play is a big deal.  “Where Do We Go From Here” falls into the “singing my heart out in the car” category.  Last night I downloaded “Fools” from iTunes.  I listened to it all day and I’m listening to it now.  After tonight, thanks to The Reason’s amazing live performance and @rlangdon’s enthusiasm I will be buying the rest of their catalog.

I’m very happy with the kick off of Canadian Music Week.  Tomorrow night I’m hoping to catch Jordan Cook, The Pack A.D. and Monster Truck at The Horseshoe.  I first heard Jordan Cook on January 10th at The Horseshoe Tavern.  I was there to see Scully and the Last Calls (my son’s band).  He blew my socks off.  If you haven’t heard of him, you should look him up.  He was alone on the stage but it sounded like there was a whole band up there.  Amazing talent.


Last year my artist to watch was Stef Lang.  I bought a copy of her CD and she graciously signed it while we were in line for the bar.  I wish she was back this year.  The year before that Michou gave me goosebumps during their performance.  I’d downloaded their music from iTunes before I’d left the venue.  While I love to hear tried and true artists my favourite thing about CMW is that moment when a band, who I’ve never heard of, makes an impact on me.  Goosebumps, feeling like they’re completely in touch with my thoughts through their lyrics, that’s the moment I’m waiting for.  Not sure who that’ll be this year but CMW hasn’t let me down so far.



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