Evoke Salon – A Little Bit of Ahhh

I woke up this morning feeling equal parts excitement and nervousness. Today was my free haircut at Evoke Salon. Thanks to a little twitter contest I was going to try a new salon. I have to admit I felt a touch of guilt. Yes guilt. It felt a little like cheating on my current stylist who has done nothing to deserve this minor act of betrayal. She has always given me great cuts. She’s a great listener and quite a story teller. Truth be told I really enjoy her company. I know it’s her job to be nice to me but I like to think it’s a little more after 7 year or so of “being together”. In spite of all this, who turns down a free haircut at a very reputable salon.

From the moment I arrived I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist (sorry I didn’t get her name but she was awesome). Because it was my first visit I was asked to fill out a form. Maybe this is standard but I liked this detail. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your clients. The atmosphere is modern and open. Looking out over Yonge Street a full wall of windows really brightens the place up (even on a rainy day like today). Next I met Ryan, my stylist. We spoke briefly about what I was looking for. Being a giant chicken with a new stylist I really only wanted my outgrown cut tidied up. He took no offence to this. Next a little aromatherapy. Yup! Some deep breathing. A little shoulder massage which just served to emphasize how badly I need a massage (that’s next). Off to the shampoo area where I received the best shampooing ever complete with full scalp and some neck massage. I felt a lot less nervous.

Truth be told Ryan didn’t take off a lot of hair. Lucky for me my hair was in fair condition. I was really pleased not to see giant hunks of hair in the floor. My hair has a weird curl thing happening. I usually flat iron it into submission but Ryan is a master of the round brush. My hair was straight and full of body. I was impressed.

I had a great experience at Evoke Salon. Ryan was amazing. I would definitely go back. They offer a comfortable easy atmosphere. They’re easy to get to and have great directions on their website. Thanks to @clickflickca for the opportunity to try out this first class establishment. I will assuage my guilt over stylist cheating. She doesn’t need to know. No good could come from telling her. Will she be able to tell? I hope not.


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