Marshall Dane’s Alcohol Abuse – Video Release Party

Now there’s a title that should get some search traffic. As I started typing Marshall’s name into the Google search window, that’s what autopopulated. Good job guys, good job.

CNE 2013 Marshall Dane

I first saw Marshall last year at Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition. He was a last minute stop for me at the prompting of a fellow photographer. I was glad I stopped by. He certainly looks good on camera. But this is about the music… hot off of Boots and Hearts last year I was looking for all the country music I could get my hands on and Marshall Dane‘s sound is very country. Lots of fiddle and lyrics about leaving, staying, girls and drinking. I’ve heard people compare him to Garth Brooks and Deirks Bentley. He’s been nominated in multiple categories for the Ontario Country Music Awards and with his latest release, Alcohol Abuse he’s pulling out all the stops. Written by Kim Williams and Grammy nominee Billy Yates he’s not taking any chances. The song is good and the video, shot at The Dirty Dog Saloon,  looks fun. 

CNE 2013 Marshall Dane

Marshall will be playing a video release party at The Dirty Dog Saloon tonight. You can get your tickets here.

Want to help this song? Let your local radio station know that you want to hear it. Currently sitting at #2 on the Pop Country Music charts, let’s make it #1.

The Marshall Dane camp is all over the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud. Check them out.

UPDATE – Here’s the official release of Alcohol Abuse. Love the mustache!


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Monochrome Madness Week 7

This gallery contains 46 photos.

Originally posted on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY:
It is time once again for Monochrome Madness.  It is a bigger week this time and I have had a lot more entries.  It has been fastastic. For the guidelines of submitting your image, the…

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Spring in Toronto

Well… it’s Canada. April snowfall… looks awfully pretty. All of today’s photos taken on my iPhone.

Toronto Spring Snowfall

Toronto Spring Snowfall

Toronto Spring Snowfall

Toronto Spring Snowfall

Toronto Spring Snowfall

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Woodbine Racetrack – The Thoroughbreds Are Back – Opening Day 2014

A sure fire sign for me that it’s Spring, the thoroughbreds are back at Woodbine. I was thrilled to be able to make it this year for opening day and I wasn’t disappointed. There was a great crowd and plenty of action to keep my attention. The food was good, the horses were fast and I was happy to be there.

Today there were 10 races on the card and there are 132 more racing days in the season. Post time was 1:00pm and they were giving away betting cards to the first thousand people through the doors. My card was only for $2 but there was a chance at it being $1000! The people at Woodbine Entertainment know how to encourage us. I had a good day and a very nice winning bet set me up for the rest of the day. My thanks go out to Justin Stein riding Skyrish. This was only one of Justin’s three wins today. A very good day for Justin.

Woodbine always poses a lighting challenge for me. The weather conditions are often variable. The lighting changes drastically from indoors to outdoors and even from one side of the building to the other. I’m not complaining just stating facts. It’s good for me. It makes me really have to pay attention and think about what I’m doing. Not all of my shots turned out today but I did get a few that I was pretty happy with.

Enjoy and I’ll see you at the races!

woodbine racetrack opening day champions lounge

woodbine racetrack opening day upper deck

woodbine racetrack opening day smiling man

woodbine racetrack opening day hats

woodbine racetrack opening day finisih line photogs

woodbine racetrack opening day

woodbine racetrack opening day around the bend

woodbine racetrack opening day photo finish

woodbine racetrack opening day jockey chatter

woodbine racetrack opening day Why The Ring

woodbine racetrack opening day paddock

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Spring Flowers

yellow eranthis hyemalis spring flowercrocus yellow spring flowerdaffodil leaves spring flowersred bud on green leafwhite crocus springpurple crocus spring flowerpurple crocus spring flowerpurple crocus spring flowerpurple crocus spring flowerspring crocus purple stripes

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New CD Release – YARDSTYLE – Big Sugar

This Tuesday’s releases brought us something new from Big Sugar. Big Sugar have been around for a while and this album has something for everyone. What’s new? They’ve gone acoustic and it’s fantastic. It’s a slow, chill and stripped down. It was exactly what I needed this past Friday afternoon.

Big Sugar CD Release YARDSTYLE 2014

I’ve been a fan since 1996′s Diggin’ a Hole from the Hemi-Vision album and I was looking forward to hearing how these guys sounded stripped down. Known for their big rock sound mixed with a reggae beat, I wondered how it would work? To answer that question… it worked, very well. I like the quiet, simplifed sound. The music is still full and rich and layered. The vocals are intoxicating.

The band have been together a long time. Founded in Toronto in 1988 but having taken a break between 2004 and 2010. They’re back and they’ll be playing some Canadian shows to support this release. Want to know about dates –  check out their website.

Curious? You can have a listen. They’re  streaming on Exclaim!

Next date… CD release party is on April 25th at Glenn Gould Theatre. You can get your tickets through Ticketmaster.

My favourite track from this release has to be Turn The Lights On

Go listen to it!


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Secret Broadcast at The Rivoli – CD Release

I had the pleasure of attending eOne artist, Secret Broadcast‘s CD release party last night at The Rivoli. They looked good and they sounded great.

Great show. Great crowd. Great energy.

They’ve got show dates across Canada up to and including August 8th. Go check them out!

To find out more about the band and their new album you can read my review.

Secret Broadcast at The Rivoli eOne artist

Matt Lightstone Secret Broadcast Filthy Souls CD release at The Rivoli
Matt Lightstone

Keith Heppler Secret Broadcast Filthy Souls CD Release at The Rivoli eOne artist
Keith Heppler

Curtis Harding Secret Broadcast Filthy Souls CD Release at The Rivoli eOne artist
Curtis Harding

JC Sandoval Secret Broadcast Filthy Souls CD Release at The Rivoli eOne artist
JC Sandoval

Matt Lightstone Secret Broadcast Filthy Souls CD Release at The Rivoli eOne artist
Matt Lightstone

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